Birth Control

Birth Control

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Whether you think you have an STI and need treatment, are unsure if you are pregnant, are concerned about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy, or have questions about your options, we are here for you.
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There are various birth control approaches available including natural family planning and medically prescribed birth control drugs.

Natural family planning can be used to plan your pregnancy. A woman must know her “fertility window,” so she can make her plan for conception accordingly. The fertility window is the day of ovulation and 5 days before. For further information about Natural Family Planning (NFP) consider consulting online sources such as the Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning 

Many women worldwide take birth control pills. However, using synthetic hormonal drugs can cause side effects. For further information about birth control risks, consider consulting online sources such as Human Life International to learn more about the potential benefits of NFP rather than using birth control drugs.


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